LSD Edible 100ug Cola Bottle Deadhead Chemist


Deadhead Chemist 100ug Sour Jolly Rancher

Presenting the 100-ounce Sour Jolly Rancher by Deadhead Chemist. Known for its therapeutic properties in treating a variety of mental disorders like OCD, PTSD, alcoholism, depression, and cluster headaches, this potent edible contains 100ug of lysergic acid diethylamide.

  • 100ug
  • 1 Tangy Fish

Handling this edible carefully and avoiding touching it with bare hands is essential. It is recommended to wear gloves or use a tweezer for safe handling.

Our Deadhead Chemist LSD Edible 100ug Cola Bottle gummy could be the key to opening the door to a new level of consciousness if you’ve always wanted to develop your mind and explore the infinite depths of your mind. Good luck on your exploration journey, fellow explorers! May you make many happy discoveries along the way!