Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms


Golden Teacher – Magic Mushrooms

The safest and mildest variety of Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms is likely Golden Teacher. Both novice and seasoned psychonauts will benefit from it. It comes down to dose, as usual.Golden Teacher’s gentle approach to life might lead beginners on an eternal spiritual quest. For those who are experienced with magic mushrooms, it still has plenty to offer because bigger doses provide more potent effects.

Here is what makes Golden Teacher special

  • Fascinating golden cap and appearance;
  • Slow and safe trips without colorful hallucinations, but with deep spiritual experience;
  • Long history of safe usage for therapeutic needs.

Golden Teachers’ trips are transformative, just as other magic mushrooms. When used in greater doses, they encourage ego dissolution as well as self-discovery. You can reliably have a trip and an altered state of consciousness lasting at least 4 hours with the appropriate “set and setting.”