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What to know before buying magic mushroom spores

buy magic mushroom spores online
Buy magic mushroom spores online

So you’ve just returned from your most recent mushroom excursion with a fresh outlook and sense of direction in life. Nevertheless, finding enough mushrooms to maintain the positive effects of a microdose regimen or an occasional cup of mushroom tea is proving to be difficult. Buy Magic Mushroom Spores online.

The person you obtained some caps and stems from during the Phish concert is long gone, and your friend of a friend is simply too untrustworthy. Or perhaps you are simply unable to pay the prices at which mushrooms are sold in your neighborhood.

If you’re ready to take the next step in fulfilling your interest in magic mushrooms and opt to grow your own, we’ve got you covered. The first step in developing your business is broken down here.

What are psychedelic mushroom spores?

Mushrooms begin as spores, just as all plants do, from their seeds. Mushroom subspecies can be created using spores, which have the genetic components needed.

It’s psilocybe cubensis spores, the most widely grown hallucinogenic mushroom, that are being discussed here, not your everyday shiitake spores used to make mushroom bisque soup. Also available are spores for psilocybe cyanescens and other psilocybin mushroom species. Let’s start with cubensis for the sake of a simple learning curve.

A network of white, stringy branching filaments known as the mycelium will grow whenever spores are introduced to or absorbed into the host substrate or medium in a medium.

Substrates like coco coir, manure, or other enriched media are optimal for promoting the growth of the mycelium. When mycelium was once fully present.

What is a spore print?

A completely developed mushroom that has already fruited will either blast out spores or let them fall from its gills. Fresh mushroom gills can be used to make spore prints by cultivators by inserting a piece of foil, paper, or plastic under the cap. The remnant that makes up the spore print should become apparent over the course of several hours.

What are spore syringes?

To best achieve their two major objectives of colonization and germination, spore prints are inserted in spore syringes. These syringes contain sterile water and spores from a specific type of mushroom. These spore solutions and syringes are manufactured by vendors in a sanitized lab to prevent any possible contamination.

Typical syringe sizes are 10cc (or 10mL). It typically takes 2-4cc of spore solution to accomplish appropriate colonization. In order to minimize excess moisture within substrate containers, which could result in mold formation that cannot be reversed, it is advised not to exceed the average injection amount of 2-4cc. If properly sterilized and preserved, any extra spore solution may be used on further substrates. Vendors of spores will additionally send a sterile needle attachment that can

In the US, it is unlawful to possess psilocybin. The spores do not contain psilocybin, but when the mushroom grows, it will eventually. Because of this, the legality of transporting and holding spores that will grow into psychoactive mushrooms is unclear.

While there are now limitations on the selling of spores in California, Idaho, and Georgia, even if they don’t really contain psilocybin, spore merchants will often ship to 47 of the 50 US states. Check the laws that apply in your state.

Trusted merchants frequently restrict the sale of spores to educational uses and frequently refuse to sell cultures to consumers under the age of 18.

How and where to buy magic mushroom spores

There are a lot of comment threads from a global community of mushroom farmers on websites like We can’t directly speak for any one firm, but we do advise doing your homework because the most trustworthy businesses have been able to stay in business for a while by using tried-and-true practices, reliable products, and excellent customer service. If you have any queries or issues, don’t be afraid to contact a particular vendor via email or phone.

How much do shroom spore syringes cost?

Without factoring in shipping expenses, estimate spending between $18 and $30 every spore syringe. Numerous sellers provide discounts when purchasing numerous syringes of the same subspecies or mix-and-match alternatives for individuals looking to cultivate a range of subspecies.

A reputable internet retailer makes it simple to use a credit or debit card to acquire spore syringes. Others are more traditional in their payment methods and require a phone call or cash (yes, CASH) to place orders. Some retailers offer digital payments

How are spore syringes packaged and shipped?

Spore syringes are typically sent domestically via USPS or carriers like UPS, in clear plastic ziplock bags, and within unadorned cardboard boxes.

The majority of spore vendors operate according to common sense rules, therefore nothing that may be used to identify the contents of the package will typically be apparent. For an additional layer of anonymity, many small businesses now use different shipping identities for themselves on the label.

Before placing an order, check your local laws. You should also be sure to ask the vendor about discretionary shipping procedures and the package’s contents.

How do I store spore syringes?

In particular, if you decide not to inoculate right away or if you have some spores leftover after an inoculation, keep spore syringes in the fridge until you’re ready to use. In order for them to last the longest possible period, they should be kept in a clean, sterile Ziplock bag in the refrigerator. Syringes are protected by this procedure from spore-affecting airborne pollutants and humidity variations.

How long properly cleaned and kept spore syringes can still be successfully utilized is a subject of some debate. Any spores retained after six months, according to some mycologists, will deteriorate. Others claim to have had success germinating mushrooms from spores that were between a few years and a few decades old! How many mushrooms you intend to cook depends on.

What subspecies of mushrooms should I grow?

Numerous subspecies of psychoactive mushrooms almost develop themselves in the right conditions of temperature, humidity, and sterility.

Start with a subspecies of cubensis like B+, Golden Teachers, Penis Envy, Ecuadorian, Amazonian, or Cambodian spores for a sure bet. The mycelium in the substrate and the fruiting bodies both grow quickly and vigorously. These subspecies are typically tolerant to slight alterations in habitat, temperature, and humidity.

Can I make my own spore syringes?

Many seasoned cultivators create their own spore syringes and prints. But if you’ve never grown mushrooms before, we advise learning the fundamentals first. Making your own prints and syringes is the next step after you have the entire process down and have checked your local rules.

Similar to mushroom growing in general, the spore print process depends greatly on effective sterilization techniques.


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